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March 13, 2019


Announcements:  Wednesday, Mar. 13

**Has your yearbook been ordered for the 2018-19 school year?  Check the list on the office windows to see if a yearbook has been ordered for you.  The names are listed by grade levels.  If you do not see your name, you can still order one online at


YEARBOOK:Attention yearbook members, there will be a yearbook meeting in the computer lab right after school tomorrow.  Contact Ms. Kellett or Ms. Stanifer if you are unable to attend.


BATTLE OF THE BOOKS:  Jefferson held their third annual Battle of the Books last night.  The four teams competed in what turned out to be the closest competition ever!  Great job to everyone, and congratulations to the winners, Wasted Potential, and to the runners up, The Small Aggressive Penguins.


MATH COUNTS:  On Saturday, the Jefferson Math Counts team competed in the State Competition.  Corrine Cai, Jonathan Song, and Jessica Chai competed as individuals and the team of Shubhan Nagarkar, Amy Lee, Joseph He, and Andy Yao took 9th place!  This is a wonderful accomplishment and if you see any of the students, please congratulate them on this fantastic achievement!


HEAD TO HEAD:  Way to Go Head to Head!  We have some talented students here at Jefferson!  The students that scored in the top two in each category are…

MATH:  Andy Yao and Christine Cai

LANGUAGE ARTS: Kimberly Gilbert and in 2nd a three way tie with Sabrina Gilles, Adrienne Feige and T’emi Oshin

MUSIC:  Robert Roe and Grant Wang

REAL WORLD:  Charlotte Ault and Shubhan Nagarkar

SCIENCE:  Andy Yao and Robert Roe

SOCIAL STUDIES:  Mauricio Kliger and Grant Wang

ART:  Kimberly Gilbert and Zoe Gavin

SPORTS AND FITNESS:  Devin Galloway and Jack Roberts

BLACK AND WHITE DRAWING:  Zoe Gavin and Shubhan Nagarkar

COLOR ART:  Natalie Servinski and Ondine Matteucci

VOCAL SOLO:  Hailey Allen and Gretchen Shope

INSTURMENTAL SOLO:  Sarah Li and Shubhan Nagarkar

VOCAL ENSEMBLE:  Bailey Bills and Hailey Allen

INSTRUMENTAL ENSEMBLE:  Grant Wang and Shubhan Nagarkar

Congratulations!You are all Rock Stars!Mrs. Schloff will announce the finalists next Wednesday.


TRACK AND FIELD:  Attention all 6th, 7th, and 8th graders!  If you are interested in being on the Jefferson Track and Field Team this spring.  We will have a meeting for athletes after school on Tuesday, March 19th in the theater.  You will have a chance to meet Coach Seeburger, Coach Owens, Coach Gayheart, Coach Gigi and Coach Jensen and get information about the upcoming season.  The meeting will end at approximately 3:30, so plan your rides accordingly.  Mr. Dasher will also be there with samples of spirit wear.  Our first practice will be on Monday, April 1st.  Come out and join in on the fun!